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Our Meadow Gin is inspired by – of course – the beautiful fields that surround our Distillery and run down to the river Cam, best known to the world as Grantchester Meadows. We’ve been carefully picking and harvesting botanicals from these fields throughout the year, and putting them aside in order to create this very special gin to mark the end of summer. Earlier in the calendar we collected various hedgerow blossoms, which bring a beautifully violet-tinged floral note to this spirit; we built up the citrus profile using lemon balm, which grows prolifically across the meadows – as do nettles, which have a curiously crystalline beauty to their flavour profile: their jagged edges certainly make themselves known while foraging...

The result is a sublime gin that’s a last taste of September – often thought of as the Sunday of summer. It makes a stunning Martini, or a wonderful aperitif for the final closing parties of the season. And as ever, it’s particularly vibrant when enjoyed as a gin and tonic – best served with any fresh herbs that you may still be able to find in your garden.

Only 100 bottles have been created so – as ever – move swiftly if you'd like to add this to your collection. Available from the Distillery’s website, in person from the Cambridge Gin Laboratory, or Cambridge Distillery Showroom.


We’re obsessive about creating outstanding gins. We believe that the way to achieve the finest flavours is to start with the freshest ingredients. We distil each of them individually – temperature, timing and pressure are just three of the nine variables that we tailor to each and every botanical to get the perfect flavour. We then expertly blend these individual distillates into a harmonious whole.


Every single gin Cambridge Distillery have commercially released has been awarded at least a gold medal at international competition and we have been awarded three consecutive times as the most innovative distillery in the world. We still produce every bottle by hand in our distillery just outside of Cambridge city centre.