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Presenting Forest Floor Gin, the latest in our innovative Prototype series of spirits!

 Hitherto the rich, deep, ‘forest floor’ and rancio notes of the oldest whiskies and cognacs have been the sole preserve of long-matured spirits. For our latest Prototype, we have recreated this flavour profile using distillation rather than maturation. The rich, velvety blanket found beneath your boots on a woodland walk; last-season's leaves, dew-covered moss and velvet-soft damp soil, have been interpreted by our Distillers into an aromatic, herbaceous and earthy gin – featuring the robust savouriness of porcini mushrooms, vibrant green lovage, and woody-yet-citrus notes of lemon thyme. 

 Forest Floor Gin is a superb way to celebrate the changing seasons: to best explore the complex layers of flavour in this gin, we suggest pulling on your walking boots, heading to your nearest patch of woodland and experiencing the joy of an al-fresco Martini.

As with all our Prototypes, only 100 bottles of Forest Floor Gin have been created – so if you know a lover of the outdoors or are stocking up in anticipation of gift-giving, head to the Cambridge Gin Lab on Green Street, visit our Distillery in Grantchester or shop online immediately.


We’re obsessive about creating outstanding gins. We believe that the way to achieve the finest flavours is to start with the freshest ingredients. We distil each of them individually – temperature, timing and pressure are just thraee of the nine variables that we tailor to each and every botanical to get the perfect flavour. We then expertly blend these individual distillates into a harmonious whole.


Every single gin Cambridge Distillery have commercially released has been awarded at least a gold medal at international competition and we have been awarded three consecutive times as the most innovative distillery in the world. We still produce every bottle by hand in our distillery just outside of Cambridge city centre.