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Discover the Three Seasons Martini, our Master Distiller’s favourite cocktail

Introducing the ‘Three Seasons Martini’ - a liquid capturing spring, summer and autumn, and created to be a truly sensorial journey through the English seasons. The iconic aperitif has been elevated into a whole new taste experience.

“My inspiration for Three Seasons Gin is ultimately the Martini - my favourite cocktail”, says William Lowe, Cambridge Distillery Master Distiller. “I first tried the Martini in a bar I worked in. It was the first time I’d tried gin that wasn’t in a gin and tonic and where it was the main ingredient and not an afterthought. Trying it for the first time, I realised that the Martini leaves a gin with nowhere to hide: it is simple and pure. It was a seminal moment in my distilling career - why not create a gin that can stand alone as a luxurious experience, a gin that is created specifically to elevate the martini to new levels? It became a quest of mine to create the ultimate martini gin.

There can be nothing that can define the cocktail in such a way as the Martini - the entire cocktail industry owes itself to its beautiful simplicity. However, over the years the name ‘Martini’ has been misused and I wanted to bring it back to its simplest form. Recently drinks calling themselves 'Martinis' have included all manner of ingredients but the Martini should have three simple, yet complex ingredients: gin, Vermouth and the intention to create a drink with timeless elegance. The Martini that you will create with Three Seasons will be like nothing you’ve tasted before.”

 When tasting the Three Seasons Martini we begin in spring with the aromatic and mouth-watering citrus notes of lemon verbena, preparing our palate for the flavours to come. We move on to summer and the rounded expression of English Roses - soft and aromatic. The floral heart, evocative of an English garden in bloom. Finally, we’re in autumn with the sweet, ripe earthy notes of blackcurrant leaves that round off the tasting experience. The taste stays with us for a while as we finish our journey through three seasons of England.



The Three Seasons Martini - Distiller’s tips


Take 60ml of Three Seasons Gin, add 10ml of Dry Vermouth of your choice in a cocktail shaker with ice, delicately stir; then pour in a long-stemmed Martini glass. “Even if James Bond himself asked me what I preferred I’d say stirred,” says William, “when you shake a Martini you have very little control and the greater the shake, the larger the dilution of the liquid. You lose a lot of the intensity of the flavour. The Dry Martini delivers the closest serve possible to the original intention of Three Seasons Gin. No fancy tonics, no garish garnishes, just a classic, unobscured view of the distiller’s intention.”

Three Seasons Gin should be served chilled. William says “the colder the liquid, the greater the perception of acidity. Acidity is what we perceive as crispness, freshness, zestiness. An ice-cold drink will gradually and gently warm as you savour it, with the flavour profile subtly evolving as time passes. A drink which tastes the same with every sip will never be as engaging as a glass which develops every time it is revisited".



“Three Seasons Gin allows the drinker to experience our unique natural surroundings wherever they may be. We have distilled the archetypal botanical essence of each season from our environment and frozen it in time. Drinking the Three Seasons Martini transports you here to Cambridge and allows the best of each season to flow past you with every sip.”
William Lowe MW
Cambridge Distillery Master Distiller